Le Backhand- One Small Detail Nobody Has Taught You That Will Transform Your One-Handed Backhand

Posted on Jul 27, 2013 in Backhand Lessons | 2 Comments


The one-handed backhand even though not as popular and not as widely taught as the two-handed backhand is a shot that when executed well can become a player’s biggest weapon.
Now, in a different blog, I will discuss the reasons most tennis coaches choose to teach the two-handed backhand over the one-handed variation, but today I want to reveal to you a secret that makes players, such as Richard Gasquet or Stanislas Wawrinka have a deadly one-handed backhand.
The trick lies within the follow through. Most players are taught to follow through straight up; howeverm the best players in the world go beyond that point. They actually overextend their shoulder; however, they do so WITHOUT losing the balance of their upper body! Easier said then done, right?
If you train yourself the right way and strengthen your core and shoulders you will be on the right track to improve your one-handed backhand. Next time you are on court, force yourself to extend your hitting shoulder, but only do so without letting your entire body rotate too early. It will take practice, time, and an adjustment period, but you will not regret it.
How is your one-handed backhand? Have anything you would like to comment on? Share your thoughts and questions with me below.


  1. Jon
    March 30, 2014

    I’ve been working on mine for 4 years straight; doing everything coaches tell me to do and my shot is still very much flatter than my forehand, making me have to push it to keep it in. I know in my heart it has something to do with not getting the same “whip” movement in the racquet head that get on my forehand. I’ll try out your advice plus the strengthening. My only concern is being able to control a shot like that – seems you are really blasting it each time but I guess that’s what I’m doing on my forehand usually. Thanks for the out of the box thinking.

    • Vasilis Mazarakis
      March 31, 2014


      There are a few elements that are necessary to control a tennis shot, regardless if it is a backhand or a forehand.
      1) Prepare with your footwork and make sure you make contact with the ball at the right time and at the right spot.
      2) Remain balanced the whole time before, after, and especially during the shot.
      3) Use your wrist the right way and make sure you drop it to add spin to the ball.

      All 3 elements need to be worked on and can easily be improved with the right training and strengthening. I can assure you that if you move fast and efficient, have a strong core, and use your wrist the way you are supposed to based on the shot you receive, you will manage not only to control your backhand but also make it a high-quality weapon to use.


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